Practice Log #3

Updated: Feb 8

Okay, so I got at least as far as three practice logs and hoping to keep up... As in the previous logs, I am still practicing Charlie Parker's "Anthropology" in all keys, and today a rather of tricky one - Gb major. Here it is:

Anthropology - Gb major

And as in the previous log, I also recorded myself practicing the baroque flute. Today I am sharing here something slightly different. This is a long and "uncensored" recording of me practicing a single phrase from the famous Mozart concerto in G. After stopping the recording I saw that I was practicing this phrase for almost ten minutes non-stop and still could not get it to sound exactly like I wanted. Of course, I don't expect you to actually listen to this entire recording, but you can of you want to...

Practicing Mozart on the baroque flute

Goodbye until next time !

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