Practice Log #1

Hi everyone. I thought that every now and then I should post here some of the things that I practice. In the first post of this series, I want to talk about something that I avoided practicing for a long time, which is learning bebop tunes in all keys.

The tunes composed by the great bebop masters contain all the wisdom of their music from which we can learn how they shaped their phrases and articulated them, how they applied melodic ideas to harmonic progressions, the rhythms they used and their conception of time, swing and groove. Memorizing many bebop tunes is an essential skill for any aspiring jazz musician, but transposing these tunes to all keys is a path to mastery. However, this is quite a tedious work, which is exactly the reason I've been avoiding it so far. So I decided to use this practice log to challenge myself and start learning some of the essential bebop tunes in all keys. The first one I'll upload here is Charlie Parker's famous rhythm changes tune "Anthropology". Today I practiced transposing this tune to the key of Ab. First, here is the tune in the original key of Bb:

Anthropology - Bb major

And here it is a whole step below in the Ab:

Anthropology - Ab major

Hopefully, I'll upload this tune in more keys soon. That's it for today !

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