New Beginnings

This is a period of new beginnings for me, one of which is this new site ! Yes, after rebuilding my website from scratch (with the kind help of the Wix platform) it is now officially out there, maybe with some bugs and glitches that will be discovered over time. This period also marks the beginning of a new (though temporary) life for our family in no place other than the "City of Light", aka Paris, where we spend the sabbatical of my beloved partner, Ayelet Even Ezra, who also took this gorgeous photo of Antoine Coysevox's "Faun Playing the Flute" at the Louvre. And by the laws of physics, the beginning of a new period inevitably marks the ending of a previous one, in this case for us, leaving our beloved home in Tel-Aviv without knowing yet if we'll ever come back to it. Another ending is the ending of my never-ending MA thesis on speech and musical rhythm, which I submitted not long before moving here, and has already been approved so it is also officially out there ! And somehow, between finishing my thesis, packing all our belongings and moving to another continent, I wrote and recorded new music, which is something I haven't done for a long time. This music, under the somewhat gloomy title "Overshoot and Collapse", is especially meaningful to me, and was written as part of my attempt to accept some harsh realizations on the global situation which we are all facing. But let's save the gloomy stuff for later. I hope I'll find the time to elaborate on all of the above here in this blog - new site, new music, living in Paris, language and music, the future of mankind... So stay tuned.

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