A spot for flutists at Père-Lachaise Cemetery

It's been more than two months since we arrived at France. Autumn in Paris is now in all of its glory covering the streets with sheets of leaves in various shades of yellow and red. We took a walk to Père-Lachaise cemetery this afternoon, which is not very far from where we live, and were taken by its beauty at this time of the year.

It appeared that we arrived a bit late, though. After an hour or so a man began ringing a loud bell and shouting "Fermeture !", sending everyone away. On our way out, just before the tomb of Héloïse and Abélard's, I noticed the very impressive gravestone of composer Anton (Antoine) Reicha, who is well-known among flutist for his extensive repertoire of flute chamber music. On these photos that I took you can see his tomb with the inscription saying:

"A. REICHA (Antoine Joseph)

Professor of counterpoint at the Music Conservatory.

A member of the Institute and Legion of Honor.

Born in Prague on February 25 1770, died in Paris on May 28 1836."

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