Arranging & Composing / Original Music

Overshoot and Collapse

This music is inspired by William R. Catton's 1980 book "Overshoot". The music is written as a jazz-oriented four-part suite. Writing this helped me process the realization that a near-term collapse of modern civilization is probable, if not inevitable.


All music composed and arranged by Udi Wahrsager. 

Track 1

Flute - Udi Wahrsager, Guitar - Amit Baumgarten, MIDI Piano Programming - Udi Wahrsager & Gilad Shapira

Mixing and Flute Recording by Raz Burg @ Tamuz Studios

Tracks 2-4

Flute, EWI, Synth - Udi Wahrsager, Guitar - Amit Baumgarten, Piano - Katia Toobool, Bass - Yorai Oron, Drums - Avi Barak

Recorded by Yair Dalva & Yontan Barak and mixed by Kobi Farhi @ Mitzlol Studios

Epilogue (In Memory of Arik Rudich)

This is a piece I wrote in memory of the the great Israeli musician Arik Rudich. All instruments were recorded and mixed by me in my home studio.

The Humusia

These are old recordings of a band I formed together with drummer Shai Pasternak  after returning to Israel from studies at Berklee College of Music. I wrote for this band some original tunes and arrangements. The tracks here were recorded in 2007.

1. "Maybe This One" (by Udi Wahrsager)

2. "Alf's Theme Revised" (by Alf Clausen, arr. by Udi Wahrsager)

3. "Pure Imagination" (by  Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley, arr. by Udi Wahrsager)

Flute - Udi Wahrsager

Trombone, Flugelhorn - Idan Wallish

Piano - Oren Sela

Bass - Shai Vardi

Drums - Shai Pasternak